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Did you know that an estimated 32% of mobile ad traffic is considered fraudulent? This means you are losing $1 out of every $3 to mobile ad fraud. Take our free ad fraud health assessment to see how your app is performing.

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What is Mobile Ad Fraud?

Mobile ad fraud is when an individual or a group attempt to defraud advertisers, publishers or supply partners, by stealing or fooling advertisers and MMPs into attributing real or fake traffic to themselves. Thus, advertisers are either paying for organic traffic, that should be acquired for free, or fake traffic is being paid for.

Fraud detection in mobile advertising

There are number of companies, such as MMPs and 3rd Party Fraud Prevention tools that provide ad fraud solutions to app owners, agencies or enterprises. Interceptd is the leading 3rd party ad fraud solution company and has the largest range of ad fraud prevention and detection features, alarms and technology. Here is an in-depth look at our key features in comparison to other market contenders.

Most common types & terms of mobile ad fraud;

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